Latest hot hut alert: Two off-grid eco cabins made from sustainably-sourced wood. Solar power. High insulation. Bio-fuel fireplace. Comfy bed (duvet and pillows made from home-spun merino wool). Bathroom. Sea views. And I’m liking the sound of the ‘secret seaside garden’ in which they ‘nestle’ (we don’t generally do ‘nestling’ on this site, but I’ll let it pass). There are two of these ‘giant birdhouse cabins’: Little Owl and Honey Buzzard sit side-by-side in private woodland overlooking the coast near Start Bay (a five-minute walk from beautiful Blackpool Sands). Available from April 2023, from £145 a night through One Off Places. Almost worth checking in to find out what you get with a ‘high-tech’ off-grid loo (no composting). 

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