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Noto Flower Festival

At the annual Infiorata (flower festival) in Noto, southern Sicily, artists use flower petals to create vivid designs on the paving of one street (the city is a World Heritage site, thanks to its 17th-18th century Baroque architecture). The theme for 2024 is Puccini. Thanks to Dave Young / Pod Films for the movie

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Shall we shanty?

Following the success of Nathan Evans’ version of a 19th century maritime folk song – which has sparked a global ‘shanty craze’ – we thought it was time we dredged up our vintage film on the first Falmouth Shanty Festival – made for the Guardian travel pages back in 2011. The festival is back in June 2021 – the year of the sea shanty we are told. Could be worse.

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Happy St Piran’s Day

In celebration of St Piran’s Day (Cornwall’s patron saint), we’ve unearthed a reel of archive footage from Cornwall visits – Helston’s Flora Day, Falmouth’s shanty festival, surfing, seafood and Oyster fishing on the River Fal. Gool Peran Lowen as they say round y’ere.