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India’s Little Britain

In the foothills of South India’s mountainous Western Ghats, life on Kerala’s rubber plantations is modelled on the old days of the British Raj. But things are beginning to change. Here, the local community get ready for a social evening at 100-year-old institution the Mundakayam Club.

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Cornwall: Get inn

Our go-to Cornish pubs tend to be old school: the salty veterans of fishing and mining, lots of knotty oak and on the dark side (we mean the lighting). On the ales front, we tend to go for ‘real’ rather than ‘craft’. Most of our top ten are by the sea (or on the water) – and one of them is in Devon.

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The Night Riviera

GWR asked Dave to shoot a promo about the ‘Night Riviera’ – their revamped sleeper service from Paddington to Penzance – so he did the eight-hour journey. The service was temporarily suspended earlier this year, thanks to Covid restrictions, but overnight cabins are now available from 24 August 2020.

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Kerala: Rubber country

In the foothills of South India’s mountainous Western Ghats, rubber-plantation homestays are an invitation to explore a way of life pioneered by British planters a century or so ago.

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Roll into the rock

The rocky landscape of the Altiplano de Granada, is riddled with man-made cave houses. They owe their existence to the region’s curious geology and they cover a huge area; from Granada to Huescar (100 miles or more). They began as the humble homes of 19th century peasants and thousands are still in use – some of them offering unusual places to stay.

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Indian Coffee Houses

Founded by Comrade A. K. Gopala Krishnan and 2,000 members of the India Coffee Board Worker’s Co-operative Society, Kerala’s collection of Indian Coffee Houses formed one of the world’s first fast food chains when it opened in 1958. We go behind the scenes to see the preparation of their ‘delicious caterings’ in action.